Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lauren's New and Hot (Week 3)

I realize that this is neither new nor hot, but I thought that it could make a few people laugh, and that most of you in the class probably have not seen it before. Here is a video from It outlines the hydroplate theory, a "theory" which Walt Brown (a creationist professor) claims proves that the Noah’s Ark flood actually happened. While not quite as silly as the peanut butter video from last week, it does involve questionable physics, such as a subterranean river 10 miles deep covering the underside of all land, and a crack forming all the way around the world from a microscopic fissure in only 2 hours. I am slightly worried about the fact that a man who should know the science behind plate tectonics could come up with such a theory, while I, only vaguely remembering what I learned about the subject in eighth grade, can tell that it has serious flaws. It is clear that he made the theory to fit Noah’s Ark, rather than using the facts to formulate a reasoned hypothesis.

Here is my review of Cyril Aydon's biography of Darwin.

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