Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alex's New and Hot (Week 8)

I'm not going to hate on anyone. I think everyone should have to chance to do whatever they want. But this is sort of sad. Basically it's an article in The Christian Post from this morning about how they are currently holding elections for the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE). And apparently the position of presidency is not under contention because only 1 person is running. And apparently the only person running, Kenneth Willard is an avid anti-evolutionist. Oh and by the way, Ken Willard is a native of Kansas.

These days it seems like Kansas is always in the news when it comes to [anti]evolution in the news, I find that really interesting. But in any case, the opponent supposedly dropped out of the race due to personal reasons and now a lot of educators are outraged and such. They really don't want this Willard guy to win and are hoping to be able to get on the ballot as write-in candidates during the July elections when they come around. The problem is, the NASBE doesn't have this provision for write-in candidates. So a lot of people think that Willard will basically be the president starting in 2009. Anyways, some people are unhappy about that.

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