Saturday, May 5, 2007

typos in the voyage of the beagle

my copy of the voyage is the big hardcover one from the stanford bookstore and i noticed at least 3 blatant typos in it so far and im wondering if anyone has seen them in the other editions as well? i wonder if its Darwin's original stuff or if the publishers just suck.

instance 1: one of the footnotes was obviously using the word "here" but instead they wrote "her"
instance 2: some random word came out all wrong, like it came out "s'f;5;le", with semicolons and all... i thought that was really weird

i cant remember the 3rd instance off the top of my head but i was wondering if anyone else has noticed this or maybe just my version of it sucks

oh by the way.... this is Alex

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chickenpox said...

I have multiple copies of several editions so we can easily check.
We can also search some of the online versions...