Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Creation Museum (again) - Lauren

While reading my local paper, The Corvallis Gazette-Times, this morning, I came across an article about the creation museum in Kentucky. I found a much longer version of the same article on the website for the Lexington Herald-Leader: Museum group sued by fellow creationists. The subtitle is: MONEY AND 'ACTING IN AN UNBIBLICAL FASHION' AT THE ROOT.

It seems that another creation group, Creation Ministries International (CMI), based in Australia, has a magazine called Creation. Answers in Genesis (AiG) (the group that opened the museum in May) also has a magazine, known as Answers. CMI has sued AiG on the grounds that AiG has been stealing subscribers from Creation by claiming that it is no longer available. Ken Ham, AiG president, was quoted as saying "All I'll tell you is those allegations are totally preposterous and untrue. The Bible tells you not to have a lawsuit against your brother, so you can see who's obeying the Bible and who's not."

Part of the problem is that Ham is too focused on his own power, and wants to run AiG in his own way. Members of CMI recognized that a focus on Ham could harm their cause, and suggested a restructuring of the organization that would give him less power. Ham of course would not accept that. He also needed to raise money for the museum, and acquired more power for that. His actions did not make CMI any more appreciative of AiG, and the result is this lawsuit.

Hopefully this lawsuit will decrease the credibility of creationists.

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Philip said...


Unfortunately, this skirmish will damage the reputation of two very well respected creation ministries.

I do not share your desire for their diminished credibility. All the authors are highly credentialled scientists, whose faith is in the true God.

Faith in evolutionary theory is just as much a belief system as trust in a Creator.