Monday, June 4, 2007

Kate's New and Hot (Extra)

Extra credit...and more new species...24 this time!


So, there was a veritable treasure trove of new species discovered recently in Suriname! The coolest of which was a florescent purple and black frog (atelopus), and 12 different species of dung beetles (Darwin would be tickled pink). Two dozen new species were discovered in all in Eastern Suriname, a South American country. The exploratory expedition was funded by two Surinamese mining companies. Eighty percent of Suriname is covered by rain forest, and there are lots of valuable mineral deposits, including gold. As you can see...the article was quite brief...but you can find it here. It was from CNN.

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Gledwood said...

Hi I found you at random, pressing "next".
I'm lucky not to have to worry about Democrats & Republicans: I'm a Brit.
At first I thought you were an Aussie - talking about Darwin & all ... ANYWAY that frog is what caught my eye - I used to have a black tiny aquatic frog that lived in my aquarium with my fishies. He loved tubifex worm. He never came out of the water and was nontoxic probably unlike the frog you pictured ...
You can find me at gledwood2.blogspot if you're interested. I keep a daily diary blog.
All the best to you from Gledwood
"vol 2" ...