Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ben Bova: Human Intelligence vs. wisdom -- Alex S.

Ben Bova is one of the most preeminently science fiction writers alive right now. He's definitely one of my favorite sci fi authors. These days, though, he's writing more and more books about social problems that the human race faces. For example, one of the books that I recently read was his The High Road, which talks about how in order for the human race to survive, it MUST diversity through the colonization of other planets in outer space. Stuff like that is really interesting.

In this opinion article, Ben Bova sort of talks about humans and chimps and our relative dominance when it comes to intelligence, however, our intelligence has also produced a lot of social problems on the planet. And then he talks about if we have the 'wisdom' that it takes to solve these problems. In any case, it's a really short and sweet article. I think you guys will enjoy reading it.

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