Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chad's New and Hot for Week 4

The article that I located for this week is related to the one that I found two weeks ago on the spread of creationism throughout other countries. This article dealt not only with Muslim nations, but with countries in Africa and Europe as well. For example, it mentioned a battle currently being fought in Kenya over the display of a prehistoric human skeleton. The display of this piece is being fought vehemently by religious figureheads within Kenya, such as Bishop Boniface Adoyo, who has “denounced the proposed exhibit, asserting that: “I did not evolve from Turkana Boy or anything like it.”” In Russia as well, the Orthodox Church recently supported a family in its bid to sue education authorities for teaching only about evolution as an origin of life. The article continued on to discuss the direct influence that American proponents of intelligent design are trying to have in other countries.

“Whatever the defeats they have suffered on home ground, American foes of Darwin seem to be gaining influence elsewhere. In February several luminaries of the anti-evolution movement in the United States went to Istanbul for a grand conference where Darwin's ideas were roundly denounced. The organiser of the gathering was a Turkish Muslim author and columnist, Mustafa Akyol, who forged strong American connections during a fellowship at the Discovery Institute.”

The entire text of the article (it’s a long one) can be read here.

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