Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sagar's New and Hot (Week 4)

Janet Browne is at it again. While she is most famous for writing the two volume biography of Darwin, her newest project is "a few branches away from Darwin on the evolutionary tree." She, with collaborators, is writing a new book that chronicles the evolution of human representations of gorillas from the Victorian era all the way up to now.

Browne says in the article, "The trajectory is from a beast that's thought to be ferocious to the point where naturalists, including George Schaller and Dian Fossey , turn this imagery on its head and claim gorillas are actually very like humans, sociable and friendly and domesticated."

She is also thinking about writing a third volume to Darwin's biography. This one would be about Darwin's legend and his status in culture after his death.

For a good summary of Janet Browne's life as well more information about her upcoming projects read the full article here .

Also, here is my book review of The Reluctant Mr. Darwin on Amazon.

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