Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sagar: Hovind in all his glory!

"Dr." Kent Hovind goes around the country giving presentations on why scientists are wrong about evolution and why the world really was created 6000 years ago. We mentioned Hovind a while back, and I just watched one of Hovind's presentations on youtube. The link is here . Besides just being funny, this clip is unique from other clips and debates we have seen in that you get to see a Creationist present to a pro-Creationist audience. The jokes and rhetorical choices he makes are definitely not ones that would work amongst most university audiences. If you have time, you should definitely check this person out.

Bytheway, Hovind has an amusement park where he portrays dinosaurs and humans living together at the same time. No joke here. Just thought you should know.


chickenpox said...

Wow. I watched part of the video and this guy is seriously a crazy. He has a serious misconception of what is meant by soup...haha...I can't belive this guy!

chickenpox said...

This is a mind-blower - Bob