Monday, May 14, 2007

Julie's New and Hot (Week 7)

In Time Magazine's "The Most Influential People in the World: The Time 100" issue, guess who appeared in the scientist and thinkers section? Richard Dawkins.

In "Richard Dawkins" by Michael Behe, Behe writes about Dawkin's popular and controversial The God Delusion, in which Dawkin states that "religion is a so-called virus of the mind, a simple artifact of cultural evolution, no more or less meaningful than eye color or height." The fact that Dawkins appears in Time's list shows how relevant and heated discussion on evolution currently is.

Two interesting/related comments...

I also saw a short Time article about the Time 100 dinner, which was held to celebrate the honorees. There was one line about Dawkins and Wikipedia:
"Jimmy Wales, inventor of Wikipedia, met with Richard Dawkins, the biologist and outspoken atheist, to explain why Dawkins' attempts to edit Wikipedia entries kept being rejected."
Interesting... This makes me wonder what type of edits Dawkins tried to make.

Also, when I checked out The God Delusion on Amazon, there were 753 book reviews!

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